Oricare: New Products, New Approach for Competitive Anesthesia and Ventilation Market

There’s a new name in the anesthesia and ventilation market, one that’s working hard to capture a piece of the competitive landscape. Specializing in products for the operating room and intensive care unit, Oricare has already received 501K approval this past summer for their V8800 ventilator. Their A9800 anesthesia system is currently pending FDA approval but expected to be approved. I was impressed to find that the team at Oricare was comprised of seasoned industry veterans from Draeger, Datascope and Mindray. They seem to have an interesting dynamic and are focused on delivering products that Oricare Vice President of Sales Tom Barford says are “rich and affordable”.

Barford also stated, “The A9800 is our high end, loaded anesthesia workstation with a hospital target price of $26,000 for a complete system, less vaporizers and monitor. Our V8800 intensive care ventilator has been launched in about 40% of the USA at a hospital target price of about $17,000 including compressor. We have built this new business around this new, very price sensitive market. As the OR and ICU market has been changing we decided to build a company that specializes in cost effective, high end, quality products.”


Features of the V8800 Ventilator System include:

  • Infant, pediatric and adult ventilation
  • Standard ventilation modes plus BiVent, PRVC, and NIV
  • Synchronized nebulizer
  • Optional EtCO2; compressor

Features of the A9800 Anesthesia Workstation include:

  • Pediatric and adult applications
  • Pneumatically driven; electronically controlled ventilation
  • Advanced ventilation modes including PCV-VG
  • Electronic flow meters designed for low-flow anesthesia delivery
  • Optional anesthetic agent monitoring; AGSS system; patient suction regulator; third vaporizer parking position

Currently GE Healthcare and Draeger Medical own the market for anesthesia delivery systems in the U.S. although Mindray has made a valiant attempt to compete, offering a competitive product in the mid-acuity segment. Spacelabs continues to try to break into the market, now with their ARKON system while companies that are strong internationally, such as Penlon, generally have limited success in the United States.

In addition to their anesthesia and monitoring portfolio, Draeger offers a product line for critical care ventilators. GE Healthcare also offers a high acuity ventilator in addition to their anesthesia line. Maquet, with their successful Servo-i ventilator, has introduced an anesthesia solution. Likewise Philips, with a range of ventilation products, has also launched an anesthesia system, the AX700.

Given the market’s diversity and competitive nature, it will be interesting to watch Oricare grow.