Stryker Releases Applications for the iPad

According to a February 17, 2011, press release, Stryker’s Orthopedics division unveiled two new iPad applications for surgeons at the annual American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.  According to an article, “‘Stryker Flipchart,’ was designed to help orthopedic specialists explain joint replacement procedures to patients.  ‘OpTech Live’ is a guide to Stryker Orthopaedics’ products and surgical protocols.”  Both software applications are free and can be downloaded through the Apple iTunes App Store and require IOS 3.2 or later.

“With the amount of information at everyone’s fingertips today, medical device maker-surgeon interaction can be instantaneous, and medical device makers should be able to provide surgeons with digital access to educational tools that can support their dialogue with self-educated patients,” stated Bob Campomenosi, Stryker Healthcare Innovations’ senior director.

The Stryker Flipchart includes three flipcharts used to educate the patient on a hip, knee, or shoulder replacement procedure.  Flipchart provides an overview of a normal joint, arthritic joint, and replaced joint using graphics and X-rays.  The application includes the ability to make notes and mark specific areas of images, which can help when explaining and demonstrating to patients.

The OpTech Live application includes several Styker product guides designed to provide orthopaedic specialists with information on Stryker’s product lines for extremities, hip, knee, sports medicine, and trauma.

“Armed with iPads, our sales team will have all the techniques and product information that they need at their fingertips,” said Campomenosi. “While this is only the beginning of our shift to a digitally enabled sales strategy, these applications can help our surgeon customers to streamline both their and their patients’ education.”

Casie Leiby
Casie Leiby, Analyst — As an analyst at MD Buyline, Ms. Casie Leiby is responsible for surgery, endoscopic video systems, sterilizers and washers. Prior to joining MD Buyline, Ms. Leiby spent 10 years with Procter & Gamble as an IT technical support specialist. She received her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Ambassador University.