Sproutling’s Brings Baby Monitors into the Digital Age

11.05With the rising number of health-related monitoring bracelets and apps for adults, it was only a matter of time before something similar was developed for children. Sproutling, a start-up company which has come from the hardware incubator Lemnos Labs out of San Francisco, CA, has developed a high-tech baby monitor which goes beyond transmitting sound and video.

According to Lemnos Labs’ website, “Sproutling makes parenting a little less scary and a lot more fun. We grow parent IQ through tools that seamlessly fit their lives, and provide real-time, trustworthy insights about their children. By taking the worry out of parenting, we help parents focus on building happy families, and we do it in style, so they don’t have to look like a kid just to grow one.”

Sproutling’s baby monitor consists of a base unit, camera, blue tooth-enabled ankle strap device, and a smartphone app. The system gathers data on the baby’s temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate as well as environmental data such as room temperature, ambient light level, and humidity. The data and video feed are presented through the smartphone app which tracks all of the data and can send alerts when it notices a change like when your baby wakes from a nap or stops breathing. The app can also use this data to make predictions such as when your child will wake from a nap. The data gathered can also be used to help identify optimal sleeping conditions for your child.

Sproutling’s baby monitor is expected to be available Q2 of 2014. The company aims to make an assortment of devices to help parents with babies and older children.



Kimberly Guilliotti, MS
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