Spacelabs Expanding Anesthesia Line

Spacelabs is making moves to introduce two new anesthesia systems this year, expanding its portfolio beyond their current BleaseSirius anesthesia product.  With the recent FDA approval of their ARKON platform, another high end anesthesia machine enters the market to compete with GE and Draeger for anesthesiologist preference and market share.

Designed with the anesthesiologists in mind, some of the key features of the ARKON include the ability to face the patient due to a modified arrangement of the doctor’s screen and controls, a new touchscreen display with intelligent navigation, full range of ventilation modes, a rotating breathing circuit, expandable work surface and storage options for equipment & paperwork.

This past July, the BleaseFocus was approved and is now available for purchase.  The Focus is a low acuity machine designed for surgery centers or smaller community hospitals.  Although compact in size, it still offers great flexibility.  Facilities can choose the ventilator, monitor, absorber and other accessories that best meet their needs.  This flexibility also allows for easy upgrades as new technology emerges.

Spacelabs will be highlighting their machines at ASA next month in Washington, D.C.  Kathey Leibold, MD Buyline Clinical Analyst for anesthesia products, will be attending this show and observing all of the latest anesthesia offerings from healthcare technology vendors.  Currently in the MD Buyline database GE and Draeger have the highest purchasing activity (entire market) with 56% and 38% respectively, but with Spacelabs’ latest product line expansions it will be interesting to see if their activity in the MD Buyline database changes.

Jodi Wright, BA
Jodi Wright, BA, Consumables Manager — Ms. Jodi Wright joined MD Buyline in 2000, working as an Account Manager for our Western U.S. territory. In 2005, she joined Research and Analysis as an associate analyst for respiratory, pulmonary, anesthesia and neurodiagnostic products. She currently works as a Consumables Manager. Ms. Wright received her Bachelor of Arts in business management from Truman State University in 1999.