Recall Tracker

MD Buyline’s hospital recall tracking solution for hospitals improves patient safety and mitigates risks.

Recall Tracker is an online recall tracking solution that allows healthcare providers and hospitals to process and resolve recalls quickly and efficiently. A new, integrated feature of Recall Tracker, SmartMatch™ sends automatic alerts when it matches recalls to affected products in hospitals’ inventory (based on purchase history).

The number of products recalled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has nearly doubled from 2003 to 2012. That means patients and hospitals are exposed to more and more risk from medical devices and supplies. Recall Tracker helps hospitals comply with The Joint Commission, FDA and DNV GL Healthcare by providing an online platform for identifying recalls and affected products and assigning staff to resolve and track recalls in real time.

  • Improve patient safety by addressing the recalls that affect your facility — and your patients.
  • Increase efficiency by receiving reliable notifications — reducing late, overlooked and unrelated alerts — about affected products through SmartMatch. This personalized approach to tracking recalls recaptures valuable staff time.
  • Comply with The Joint Commission by preparing for the survey with extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Manage all alerts related to medical devices, drugs, blood, biologistics and food.
  • Verify the status of recall tasks in real time through a user-friendly online platform.
  • Connect with your stakeholders and share visibility into recall management across your enterprise.
Track your recalls and alerts.
Start matching alerts to your purchase history, so your staff can address affected products. Click the link below and we will begin integrating Recall Tracker into your hospital.