Healthcare Purchased Services Solutions

MD Buyline, the market leader in healthcare purchased services, helps hospitals manage purchased services budgeting and supply chain planning through clinical and research consultations, and an online, budgeting, software tool.

Healthcare providers are starting to recognize this untapped area of savings. Innovative finance leaders and supply chain professionals are turning to MD Buyline for help.

We understand the complexity of healthcare purchased services, and that’s why we’ve developed the Purchased Services Program™ (PSP™), a sustainable long-term solution just for hospitals. We are the market leader in purchased services and supply chain management for hospitals and the healthcare industry.


MD Buyline analyzes your contract and spend data to identify and focus your efforts on purchased service categories with the most opportunity.


MD Buyline’s dashboard will give you visibility into your spend and savings and allow you to manage the progress of your projects. Within the online resources, you will also receive:

  • ExpertRFP™: to build custom, category-specific RFPs (requests for proposal), send to service providers, and analyze the responses.
  • Executive Summary: The real-time dashboard summarizes your purchased services project activity on a single page. You’ll see how many projects your organization has completed over time, a breakdown of the status of current projects, and a summary of the identified and negotiated savings resulting from your projects. There’s no need to dig for information. You’ll find what you need quickly and easily.
  • Project Tracking: This gives you an easy way to collaborate with your MD Buyline analysts. You’ll share and see the same project worklist. All project details and documents are available, including contracts and analyses produced by MD Buyline.
  • Spend Analysis: After MD Buyline categorizes your spend, you can sort, group, and filter your spend data to uncover areas that need attention. All of the data, including organization, is fully exportable to Excell for further analysis.


MD Buyline’s purchased services experts will give you guidance by providing purchased service pricing benchmarks, identified savings, and contract reviews. We will scale our efforts for each purchased service category to meet your needs.

Purchased Services Value Statements


Sue Dill Calloway, RN, MSN, JD • Nurse Attorney and President, Patient Safety and Healthcare Consulting and Education

Eric Slimp • Purchased Services Manager MD Buyline and Anna Ormiston • Purchased Services Consultant, MD Buyline

Larry Hertzler • Vice President, Technical Operations, Aramark Healthcare Technology and Devlin Casey • Director of Business Development, Aramark Healthcare Technology

Sue Dill Calloway, RN, MSN, JD • Nurse Attorney and President, Patient Safety and Healthcare Consulting and Education

Ken Reda • Principal, Profit Advisory Group

Alyn M. Ford • Area Vice President, Provider Market, Teladoc

Dan Honeywell • VP of Cost Reduction & Asset Management, Integrated Medical Systems International

Ryan Samuel • Vice President of Operations, North American Utility Partners and Jeff Bay-Anderson • Director of Business Development, North American Utility Partners

Eric Slimp • Purchased Services Manager, MD Buyline

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