Healthcare Budgeting & Supply Chain Management Solutions

MD Buyline provides consulting services and software to healthcare organizations for supply chain budget planning. This includes optimized pricing for hospital capital equipment, consumables, purchased services, HCIT and non-labor spending.


Hospitals, now more than ever, need a partner to help them lower the cost of healthcare without sacrificing quality or patient satisfaction. That’s where MD Buyline comes in. We’re your strategic resource to manage budget planning for capital medical equipment, consumable products and purchased services.



We meet you where you are in your purchased services, capital equipment, and consumables value analysis process. MD Buyline’s platform offers you access to in-depth resources and unlimited consultations with our experts. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Our evidence-based clinical and financial insight and information enables hospitals to make better decisions at every stage of their supply chain budgeting and purchasing process.


Tackle planning, research, selection and acquisition of hospital purchased services in clinical and non-clinical categories.

  • MD Buyline’s healthcare purchased services experts aggregate your contracts and spend files (e.g., AP, Pcard and EFTs) so you have a consolidated view of your purchased services spend on one dashboard.
  • Through an opportunity assessment review, MD Buyline’s purchased services experts unveil your personalized dashboard (a consolidated view of all hospital purchased services spend) and identify savings initiatives.

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Manage vendor-evaluation projects, from simple quotes to complex requests for proposal.

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Evaluate medical equipment budget planning, medical technology research, price benchmarking and medical capital quote reviews. Our Capital Equipment solutions also cover service contract price benchmarking and budgeting.

Lower your cost, enhance your value analysis, and improve your financial performance

  • Deals Database™ shows prices and details of capital and IT investments, including list price, quoted price, system configurations, discounts and the reasons for the discounts. Deals Database gives realistic medical capital budgeting figures that are no older than six months, so you can set your budget.
  • Price Fast Facts™ shows high and low medical technology price benchmarking.
  • Budget Planner™ helps you compare models and break-even points (based on patients or procedures) to help with capital equipment planning.
  • User Satisfaction Trending™ rates medical technology suppliers based on end-user feedback. Suppliers are rated on six categories: system performance, system reliability, installation/implementation, application training, service response time and service repair quality. This information gives our members confidence to make the best decision for their facility based on real-world results.
  • Market Outlook™ shares healthcare market research and reimbursement trends based on MD Buyline’s clinical analysts’ experience.
  • Market Activity™ shows member interest and quote activity levels for medical technology suppliers displayed in charts and graphs.
  • MD Buyline’s clinical analysts write white papers to help members learn about existing and emerging technologies.

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Assess consumable price benchmarking to improve physician preference item (PPI) budgeting and acquisitions.

  • Build a dashboard based on your 12-month supply spend to show areas of PPI cost reduction opportunity and medical supplies budgeting.
  • Work with an MD Buyline consumables analyst to identify initiatives off of your dashboard based on consumables price benchmarking.
  • Custom research requests, or requests for information (RFIs), provide medical supplies price benchmarking as well as model and supplier comparisons based on your research criteria.

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MD Buyline equips your recall team with an online platform to assess, track and resolve alerts quickly and efficiently. Track recalls and alerts for medical devices and supplies using our hospital recall management solution.

  • Recall Tracker is an online healthcare recall management solution that enables your team to quickly and efficiently track, process and resolve alerts, which mitigates risks and improves patient safety.
  • SmartMatch™ (an integrated feature of Recall Tracker) alerts your team of affected products your facility purchased.

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Prepare for IT investments with HCIT budgeting, price benchmarking and quote reviews.

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Start achieving your goals through evidence-based data and expertise.
MD Buyline members gain the support of advocates on their side. We provide our platform and unlimited access to our experts, so your hospital is supported at every phase of your value analysis and purchasing process.