Abiomed Impella Devices

MD Buyline’s clinical analyst Alina Maleski has prepared a Request for Information (RFI) response for Abiomed Impella Devices. All MD Buyline members have access to our clinical analysts for consultations and custom research reports based on their needs.

Cardiogenic shock complicating an acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction (CSMI) is associated with an exceptionally high mortality. Estimated rates range from 35 percent to 80 percent. In recent years, there has been a shift from depending on pharmacological therapy alone to a more hybrid approach, incorporating mechanical therapy in tandem with conventional pharmacological management. There are two main benefits of mechanical circulatory support devices, such as the Impella (Abiomed), TandemHeart (Cardiac Assist) and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO): increased cardiac output and reduced cardiac stress. Cardiac output is increased, which is necessary to maintain constant perfusion of vital organs and prevent multiorgan failure. Additionally, mechanical circulatory support devices allow for decompression of the left ventricle, reduce myocardial wall stress, improve perfusion of the coronary arterial circulation, assist with formation of coronary collateralization and help break the cycle of neurohormonal activation and cytokine production.

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Alina Maleski, MHA
Alina Maleski, MHA, Clinical Analyst — At MD Buyline, Ms. Maleski works as a clinical analyst on the Buyline Consumables team, covering everything from pacemakers to surgical gloves.