Mortara Instrument Acquires Diagnostic Cardiology Product Line of Cardiac Science

This past April, Cardiac Science finalized plans to sell their Diagnostic Cardiology product line to Mortara Instruments in a move that is expected to have a significant effect on the non-invasive cardiology market. This ‘merger’ of two key players will present a challenge for GE who has dominated quote activity among MD Buyline members for years as it offers Mortara the opportunity to gain more market share.

The Cardiac Science cardiology product line that Mortara will inherit includes strong, longtime brand names like Quinton and Burdick. The Burdick brand is primarily well known in the physician office market while Quinton products have played a significant role in the hospital environment especially in the EKG, cardiac stress and Holter markets. Quinton products also have the advantage of a large installed base of products and are considered one of the market leaders.

Unlike Cardiac Sciences and GE, Mortara is not as well-known although MD Buyline has seen Mortara push forward over the last few years, gaining a greater share in the market while staying very competitive with their non-invasive cardiology technology. The charts below illustrate MD Buyline quotation activity percentages over the past year from vendors for EKG, Cardiac Stress Testing and Holter Monitor equipment.

6.25.13 NonInvCardiologyIBGraphsJun

Review of the quote activity levels among MD Buyline members over the past year for EKG, stress and Holter equipment provides a snapshot of vendor activity levels in major non-invasive cardiology equipment. GE dominates, but the activity level comparisons change when you merge Cardiac Science and Mortara as seen in the chart below.

6.25.13 NonInvCardiology-Chart2Jun1

The market activity seen over the past year clearly indicates that Mortara is positioned well to increase their market share with a strategy that capitalizes on merging and optimizing the strengths of the products and brand. Historically, Cardiac Science customers have been very loyal and willing to upgrade to the new versions but this has fallen off over the past year based on lack of attention to technology and support as the company was positioning to be acquired. Some users I spoke with about concerns with Cardiac Science equipment ended up purchasing Mortara equipment.

I have also had additional users calling for more information on Mortara since they were not familiar with the company and products but were beginning to include Mortara in their equipment evaluation. This illustrates the brand name recognition problem Mortara has, which they will need to deal with but the large installed base of Cardiac Science customers well help get their name out quickly. Mortara will benefit from utilizing a good mix of products between the two product lines and leveraging the strong brand name of Cardiac Science to help their market gains.

I would like to hear from members concerning any questions or issues they have regarding the market or Mortara in particular. Those of you with experience using Mortara technology let me know how this equipment is performing for you.

Jon Brubaker, MBA, RCVT
Jon Brubaker, MBA, RCVT, Clinical Analyst — Mr. Brubaker joined MD Buyline in 1994 with over 30 years of experience in the field of cardiology and ultrasound. He covers noninvasive cardiology technologies (e.g., ECG, cardiac stress test, Holter monitor and cardiology management systems), as well as all ultrasound technologies (e.g., diagnostic imaging and cardiac or echocardiography). He graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in microbiology and later obtained his MBA. Mr. Brubaker holds a registry as an RSCPT (Registered Cardiopulmonary Technologist) in noninvasive and invasive Cardiology and is a member of the American Heart Association and the American Society of Echocardiography.