Hill-Rom’s Next Generation Airway Clearance Device: MetaNeb 4.0

In May, Hill-Rom announced the FDA 510(k) clearance of their MetaNeb 4.0 airway clearance system. This replaces the successful original MetaNeb System. The next generation MetaNeb® offers therapy delivery in a new, updated design.MetaNeb 4.0 Airway Clearance System

The MetaNeb 4.0 delivers continuous high frequency oscillation (CHFO) and positive expiratory pressure (CPEP) to facilitate the clearance of mucus from the lungs, provide aerosol delivery and lung expansion therapy. Flow, pressure and percussive rate are all adjustable. A standard 10 minute treatment offers alternating 2 ½ minute cycles of CHFO and CPEP with the delivery of aerosolized medication.

This new system offers a new “connect and go” feature allowing an easy connection to a 50 psi oxygen source plus simple activation. Therapy may be delivered via mouthpiece, face mask, tracheostomy, and in-line with mechanical ventilation. The MetaNeb 4.0 utilizes a single patient circuit with nebulizer that now incorporates a filter. List price for the 4.0 is $9,500 with single patient circuits at $85.

This new product was showcased at the Texas Society for Respiratory Care annual meeting in July. Respiratory Therapists cited a need for airway clearance options with their ventilated patients and anticipate utilizing the features offered with this new system. This includes the ability to deliver three therapies (medication plus CHFO and CPEP) 10 minutes. When combined, it offers improved therapy for the patient in less time and time saving for respiratory care staff as well.

The MetaNeb provides a pneumatic form of chest physiotherapy. Hill-Rom also offers the Vest™ Airway Clearance system, their product for high frequency chest wall oscillation.


Kathey Leibold, RRT
Kathey Leibold, RRT, Clinical Analyst — Ms. Leibold joined MD Buyline in 2002 with over 24 years of experience in respiratory care for the neonatal, pediatric, cardiac and neurocritical care patients. She is the clinical analyst for respiratory care, pulmonary diagnostics, neurodiagnostics and anesthesia delivery systems. She graduated from South Plains College with a degree in respiratory care. She is credentialed through the National Board for Respiratory Care as a registered respiratory therapist and is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services as a respiratory care practitioner.