CorrectInject™ Safety System to Prevent Drug Misconnections Cleared in U.S.

The CorrectInject ™ Safety System for Spinal Anesthesia Administration has been available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and countries in Asia since September 2011 but only recently has the medical safety system received clearance from The U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The intent of the system is to put a stronger focus on patient safety by reducing the risk of tubing misconnections while keeping the clinical technique as minimally changed as possible.  Misconnections and medication administration errors, such as those that can occur with multiple tubal injection sites have become common enough due to the use of the same Luer locks for both injection sites, that the UK’s National Health Service has mandated that as of “April 1, 2013 all epidural, spinal (intrathecal) and regional anesthesia infusions and boluses are to be performed with devices that use safer connectors that will not connect with intravenous Luer connectors or intravenous infusion spikes”( Ostrovsky, 2012).

Smiths Medical has resolved the issue by creating a visual difference for instant confirmation of an appropriate injection site in their infusion lines and making their connections physically different so as to cause incompatibility with standard Luer connecters in order to reinforce accurate medication administration.

The CorrectInject™ Safety System received a Premier Innovation Award at a Premier Innovations conference where they showcase breakthroughs in patient care and safety. “Premier provides a channel for suppliers of medical technology, products, and services to have their latest innovations reviewed and evaluated by committees of clinical and operational experts.” (Rossi, 2012).

CorrectInject Safety System
Terry Maiale
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