Conmed Introduces IM-8000 2DHD Platform and Hall 50 Surgical Power Instruments

Conmed launched several new products this year including the IM-8000 2DHD Platform and the Hall 50 surgical power instruments which updates previous version systems with new features.

IM-8000 2DHD Platform

Designed for hospitals and surgery centers, Conmed’s latest video system is the new IM-8000 2DHD platform which replaces the previous generation 2D system, the IM4000.

Conmed IM-8000 2DHD PlatformFeatures of the new Conmed IM-8000 2DHD platform include:

  • Like its predecessor, the IM-8000 provides a TRUE HD image with Full 1920x1080p resolution-not all vendors provide a TRUE HD image.
  • The LED light source has improved light sensitivity which improves visualization of the surgical site.
  • Two camera heads types are available including eyecup and cartridge. They feature a three chip CMOS technology that improves the processing of light as compared to 3CCD technology used by previous generations and other vendors.
  • Like its predecessor, the camera heads are autoclavable which saves money in reprocessing compared to other low temp alternatives.

Conmed participates in the rigid segment of the video endoscopy market which is the market segment with the most competition. Other competitors include:

  • Arthrex
  • Karl Storz
  • Olive Medical
  • Olympus
  • Richard Wolf
  • Smith & Nephew
  • Stryker

The vendors we see the most activity from in this market are Stryker, Olympus, Karl Storz and Conmed respectively. An advantage that Conmed offers with this new system is improved image quality and light sensitivity which competes with other systems on the market. Another strong point for Conmed is they offer also offer a 3DHD video system in addition to this new 2DHD platform. Olympus is the only other vendor that offers 3D video endoscopy.

Hall 50 Surgical Power Instruments

Conmed also introduced their Hall 50 surgical battery powered instruments designed for large bone, small bone, trauma, spine, cardio-thoracic and sports medicine procedures.

Hall 50 Surgical Power InstrumentsThe handpieces feature:

  • Variable speed triggers with 400 levels of speed controlled by how far the trigger is pulled.
  • The platform is backward and forward compatible and features a universal platform designed for both large and small bone procedures, eliminating the need to purchase separate sets for each procedure type.
  • Offers a one-trigger hand piece, two-trigger handpiece and three saws including, oscillating, reciprocating and sternum.
  • The lithium batteries offer more power capacity and longer operating time than a standard battery and provide a charge time of 12 minutes on average.
  • The UL-approved autoclavable lithium batteries allow batteries, handpieces and attachments to be sterilized together in the same tray at the same time – according to Conmed, they are the only powered system that allows this.
  • Features a customized multi-tray system that separates the drill handpiece from the saw handpiece trays allowing the user to open only what is needed and eliminates the need to open, re-sterilize and re-wrap unused saws which can help extend the life of the products.
  • The gears, which break down with use, are in the attachment instead of the handpiece, so when it comes time for repair, the handpiece stays in circulation.

Other vendors that offer battery powered handpieces include DePuy Synthes, and Stryker, with Stryker capturing the most activity, followed by Conmed.

Unlike other vendors, the Hall system has a universal platform and can be used for large bone and small bone procedures. Other vendors require separate handpieces for large and small bone procedures. A universal system can help lower costs. The gears in the attachment, the customized tray system and the ability to sterilize batteries with handpieces and attachments are also unique features of the Hall system which can also help lower costs and should increase customer interest for the Conmed Hall 50 system.

There is a lot of competition in both the video and surgical power market as there are several vendors that offer competitive products; however, we are seeing activity for both of these new products. If you are an MD Buyline member, please contact me to find out more information and see pricing information for these new products.

Casie Leiby
Casie Leiby, Analyst — As an analyst at MD Buyline, Ms. Casie Leiby is responsible for surgery, endoscopic video systems, sterilizers and washers. Prior to joining MD Buyline, Ms. Leiby spent 10 years with Procter & Gamble as an IT technical support specialist. She received her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Ambassador University.