Capacity Management/Patient Flow Vendors Release Enhancements

Allscripts and TeleTracking Technologies, two key vendors in bed management/patient flow technology, recently released new versions of their respective solutions that feature substantial enhancements.

In general, bed management or capacity management systems are designed to expedite patient admissions and improve employee productivity through workflow automation technology. Designed to improve patient flow, patient transport and patient discharge management, the systems use real-time updates to provide the exact status of each hospital bed as well as anticipate when beds will become available. The workflow technology built into each system offers automated processes for staff efficiency and productivity, expedited patient placement and opportunities for improved patient satisfaction by minimizing wait times for available beds.

Allscripts Patient Flow is a component of the vendor’s Performance Management product suite. Modules include Bed Management, Access Center, Care Visibility, Bed Turnover, Transport and Performance Reporting.

In conversations with Patient Flow V.10.0 customers, MD Buyline was told that the new release offers far more features in its Bed Turnover and Bed Management modules. “In addition to the ‘tons’ of new functionality that V.10.0 offers, Allscripts ensured that we lost no features from V.4.0,” commented Johnathan Menard, Quality Performance Lead at Yale New-Haven. Menard also cited the new web-based platform as one of the key benefits of the new version. “The V.4.0 application was loaded locally on computers but with V.10.0, we can access the system from anywhere in the hospital,” he said.

According to Menard, Allscripts also addressed reporting in V.10.0 with greatly enhanced capabilities. He also said that integration among the Allscripts modules and HL7 interfacing with other applications is excellent.

In TeleTracking’s July 2012 press release, it announced new releases of solutions in its Real-time Capacity Management suite, including:

  • TransferCenter, V.2.3 – ability to create inactive bed requests to accommodate direct admit patients; detailed information to analyze denials.
  • Capacity Management Suite, V.2.4 – length of stay displayed in days; ability for placement staff to create and review transport requests directly within PreAdmitTracking console.
  • Custom Reporting Solution/ Patient Flow Dashboard, V.2.0 – new TransferCenter Dashboard; better insight into overall transfer volume; Communication Details Model addressing physician relations related to transfers.

“Real-Time Capacity Management Platforms like TeleTracking yield an extraordinary amount of actionable decision-making information, and the latest versions of our applications continue to advance visibility, accountability and communication for hospital and health system administrators,” said Michael Gallup, senior vice president of Teletracking.

MD Buyline’s User Satisfaction Ratings currently show TeleTracking in the number one position for this technology.

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Customers of both vendors have cited reporting capabilities as a key concern. New feedback data on the vendors’ enhancements in this area will reflect satisfaction levels regarding these and other enhancements in the upcoming quarterly results. In addition, MD Buyline will be adding a third player, GE Healthcare, to our Bed Management Technology Report in Q4 2012.


Phyllis Carlin, BA
Phyllis Carlin, BA, IT Analyst — Ms. Carlin joined MD Buyline in 1995 with over 18 years of experience in the healthcare industry. As a specialist in IT software solutions at MD Buyline, Ms. Carlin has primary responsibility for several technologies, voice processing (e.g., dictation, transcription and CVR), real-time location systems, enterprise resource planning (e.g., financial, supply chain and human capital management), time and attendance, staff scheduling, financial decision support, bed/capacity management, food and nutrition management, interactive patient communication and home healthcare. Ms. Carlin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Baylor University.