BioDrain: A New Option for Fluid Waste Management

In such a consolidated market, systems such as Dorn0ch and Stryker Neptune have been the mainstays in fluid waste management. However, because of the recent Neptune recall, hospitals are now evaluating alternatives to traditional closed systems. One interesting option I found is the Streamway™ system from BioDrain Medical (

The Streamway™ is not your typical closed fluid waste management system that utilizes canisters, manifolds, collection and docking stations. First FDA cleared in April of 2009, it is a fully automated one-piece system. It can be wall mounted or free standing and is connected directly to the facility’s plumbing system.

Instead of using canisters or manifolds, the Streamway™ is designed to be connected directly to the procedure site with a suction tube and filter. Digital adjustments and readouts allow the OR staff to control vacuum settings. The Streamway™ also provides real-time volume measurements of the fluid waste before automatically disposing of the waste into the plumbing system.

Cost is also an attractive feature of the Streamway™. BioDrain has indicated it has a retail price of around $18,000 which, considering the process does not require both a collection and docking station, places the capital costs of the system relatively low.  However, in a cost-sensitive environment, consumables and service also play a big part. In addition to the suction tubing, the Streamway™ requires a procedure kit that consists of a disposable filter and cleaning solution ($18 kit) that automatically prepares the system for the next procedure.

In today’s market when cost is a 3 dimensional game that includes capital, consumables and service,  all three factors have to be included to produce a true indicator of what a technology adds to the procedure. In a real life scenario based on 5 rooms and 2,000 procedures per year, the Streamway™ costs just over 24.58 per case. Similar systems costs $30 plus. $5 may not seem like much but that translates to $60,000 over 5 years.

James Laskaris, EE, BME
James Laskaris, EE, BME, Clinical Analyst — Mr. James Laskaris is a senior emerging technology analyst at MD Buyline and has been with the company since 1994. With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare field, Mr. Laskaris is the primary analyst of high-end OR technology. He also covers issues related to the legislative and reimbursement effect on healthcare and authors a bimonthly “Issues that Matter” publication. Mr. Laskaris received his biomedical engineering degree from Southern Illinois University. His work has been published in hfm Magazine, Radiology Manager and Healthcare Purchasing News.