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MD Buyline is privileged to provide our expertise to hospitals across the nation.


For 30 years, healthcare providers have trusted MD Buyline for evidence-based clinical and financial insight into medical capital, technology, supplies and services. Staying true to our founding principles, MD Buyline continues to create transparency within the healthcare industry. By providing objective data, we enable hospitals to make informed financial and clinical decisions that are right for their hospital and patients. We serve about half of the nation’s hospitals and health systems.

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We serve about half of the nation’s hospitals and health systems.


49 of the Truven 100 Top Hospitals


16 U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals categories



The information you provide us is invaluable. It amazes me that any administration does not utilize MD Buyline as a required resource prior to a purchase. Not to tout myself, but as the former national AHRA president, believe me, I let everyone I talk to know that MD Buyline is a business must in order to be effective and to work the best possible deal.

Gordon Ah Tye, Director of Imaging and Radiation Oncology Services, Kaweah Delta Health Care District



The time spent on the phone with the analysts was crucial to helping us maximize savings.

Tammy Lemke, Capital Acquisitions Coordinator, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin




We check everything with MD Buyline first. Our administrator always asks: ‘What does MD Buyline say about this?’ We found that other tools don’t get anywhere close to where we get with MD Buyline. It’s apples to oranges.

Johnny Gilliland, Director of Materials Management, DCH Health System




The capital budget report provided by MD Buyline helped UCSF understand if we were planning and funding correctly for new equipment. The more information you have, the wiser the purchase.

Edward Torrento, Capital Project Manager, UCSF Medical Center



I use MD Buyline bid specifications to act as a baseline for expansion and amplification to excellence. This allows the process to compare apples to oranges in the features offered by the various vendors.

Duane L. Hart, BS, CBET, Imaging Engineering Service Manager, Ohio State Wexner Medical Center



Your analysts’ input and insight were invaluable in assisting us in making the right decision in order for Sharon Regional Health System to be the market leader in oncology services for years to come.

Sam Kudelko, Director of Materials Management, Sharon Regional Health System



I asked for many different versions of possible purchase options, and the MD Buyline analyst turned the report around quickly and accurately. This provided excellent data to direct our conversations and negotiations with vendors.

Stan Holland, Director of Pulmonary and Sleep Services, RMH Healthcare

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