MD Buyline Publishes Report “Seven Clinical Services Impacted by the Healthcare Workforce Shortage”

Complimentary white paper shares clinical services most often outsourced due to staffing deficits

DALLAS, TX — December 2, 2014 — MD Buyline released today a report of clinical services most impacted by recent healthcare workforce shortages. After extensive surveys and consultations with healthcare providers, MD Buyline has identified the most commonly outsourced clinical services primarily due to staffing deficits.

U.S. hospitals and health systems are faced with solving the supply shortfall of medical professionals while the demand of patient care continues to grow. Healthcare providers are not only feeling the staffing squeeze, but also financial pressure to provide high-quality care in order to receive reimbursement.

Now more than ever, MD Buyline is seeing hospitals and health systems find innovative ways to maximize cost containment and focus on their core competency of delivering care and achieving high-quality outcomes,” said Beverly Schierer, VP of research and analysis at MD Buyline. “Hospitals across the country, especially in rural areas, are experiencing difficulty finding available, accessible and qualified medical professionals. Our members are coming up with creative and strategic solutions, and many times that involves contracting clinical and professional services to a third party.

Over the past year, MD Buyline has seen a 62% spike in healthcare providers evaluating clinical purchased services. Lithotripsy, diagnostic mobile imaging, laser therapy, intraoperative monitoring, pharmacy, human genome sequencing and virtual ICU services are seven of the fastest growing clinical services—in addition to previously reported trending fee-for-service clinical categories—researched and tracked by MD Buyline.

Download the complimentary report “Seven Clinical Services Impacted by the Healthcare Workforce Shortage.

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