Q2 2012 User Satisfaction Trending Reports Now Available

DALLAS, TX — July, 3, 2012 — The competing priorities of reducing costs while maintaining patient safety and preference leave little room for error when budgeting for and purchasing medical technology. Hospital and healthcare system executives need proven, actionable data to make informed decisions.

To obtain this data, MD Buyline analysts conduct hundreds of interviews and surveys with actual end users of products to determine how they function in a clinical setting. Each quarter, this data is compiled in User Satisfaction Trending Reports, which recognize vendors with the highest customer rankings based on product performance and reliability, installation and implementation, training, service response time, and quality of service repair and support. As the product information is updated nightly by MD Buyline analysts, these reports feature the most up-to-date ratings data in the industry.

User Satisfaction Trending Reports are just a few of the many technology-specific reports available to you online at members.www.mdbuyline.com. Contact Member Services to learn more.