MD Buyline’s Healthcare Recall Management Solution Automatically Matches Affected Products in Hospitals

Buyline Recall Tracker™ with SmartMatch™ improves efficiency by targeting relevant recalls and focusing recall teams so they can ensure patients are safe.

DALLAS, TX — January 2, 2014 — MD Buyline announced today the availability of SmartMatch as a value-added enhancement to its Buyline Recall Tracker recall management solution. SmartMatch helps healthcare providers ensure patient safety and mitigate risks by focusing staff on recalled products in their facilities. Using the latest in cognitive computing and machine learning technologies, SmartMatch searches hospitals’ inventory (based on purchase history) for items that have been recalled and notifies the hospital staff when matches are identified, which drastically reduces the time and effort hospital staff must spend finding, assigning and resolving recalls.

The number of products recalled by the FDA has increased 70% from 2007 to 2012. That means patients and hospitals are exposed to more and more risk from medical products, such as devices, supplies and drugs. “With the number of recalls continuously growing, hospital staff and recall teams need a scalable resource to help reduce the effort and time-consuming nature of recall management. We’ve listened to our Buyline Recall Tracker members and responded with a tool that automatically identifies affected products for them. This improves efficiency and recaptures valuable staff time by eliminating late, overlooked and unrelated alerts,” said Douglas Taylor, Product Manager for MD Buyline.

Buyline Recall Tracker with SmartMatch helps healthcare providers:

  • Ensure patient safety by addressing recalls that relate to their facilities and patients.
  • Improve efficiency by receiving reliable notifications about their affected products, which recaptures valuable staff time otherwise spent researching all recalls and items in inventory.
  • Comply with The Joint Commission by preparing for its survey with Buyline Recall Tracker’s extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Focus recall management efforts on only affected products.
  • Manage recalls efficiently by offering the capability to assign responsibilities, verify the status of tasks in real time, and connect and share visibility with hospitals stakeholders.

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