MD Buyline Releases Comprehensive Purchased Services Program

New Purchased Services Program Combines Innovative Technology, Education and Services to Deliver Powerful Results and Efficiencies

DALLAS — April 16, 2013 — Today, MD Buyline announces the release of the Buyline Purchased Services Program (PSP) – a comprehensive membership program designed to support healthcare providers in achieving greater savings, consistency, centralization and efficiency across their Purchased Services categories.

Currently available only to existing MD Buyline members in an advance release, the Purchased Service Program provides a comprehensive Value Analysis-based approach, grounded in service, collaboration, information exchange and mentoring/education. The combination of these components will be delivered in a single solution to support the assessment, review and management phases of Purchased Services initiatives.

Research shows that Purchased Services has historically been an area ripe with opportunity within provider organizations, due to fragmented decision making, proliferation of local and regional vendors and the lack of visibility, governance processes and standardized selection criteria. Additionally, proprietary research amongst MD Buyline’s PSP Design Partners and overall member base of over 3,000 hospitals shows that many facilities spend more on Purchased Services than PPI and supplies. As a result of the large spend and historical lack of centralized visibility and management, MD Buyline finds that the opportunities for savings are not only significant but achievable. In fact, when cost savings are pursued, the Purchased Services savings opportunity ranges from 10% to 30%. Furthermore, much of the savings can be realized without the intense clinical involvement necessary for similar projects in PPI and supplies.

Combined with a comprehensive online solution for managing Purchased Services projects, the Purchased Services Program offers a mentoring and education component designed to enable our members to confidently pursue savings opportunities.


According to Satin Mirchandani, CEO, MD Buyline, “The Purchased Services Program is designed to give health system executives the same visibility and control over purchased services as they are used to having over PPI, supplies and capital. Our PSP Design Partners and members spoke, and we listened. In addition to assistance with benchmark pricing and contractual terms and conditions, they also asked for a way to help them learn, manage and execute contracts in a manner consistent with the Value Analysis Process. We have done just that, and expect to see our members begin to reduce costs immediately with our program.”

Additionally, Mirchandani states that the initial launch of the Purchased Services Program will be offered exclusively to existing MD Buyline members: “As part of a special PSP Principal Membership Program, our current members will have exclusive rights to evaluate the program. Limiting the availability of the PSP Principal Membership Program to a small number of existing MD Buyline members allows us to show our appreciation for their loyalty to us, while giving them early access to the service as we scale it for a broader launch later in the year.”