MD Buyline Offers the Triple Aim Approach to Selecting a Nurse Call System

A complimentary webinar and report discuss clinical innovations, safety features and financial considerations for nurse call systems.

DALLAS, TX — October 6, 2014 — According to a complimentary report published by MD Buyline clinical analyst Brandi Crow, nursing (the largest profession in healthcare) is in a unique position to have the greatest impact on patient-centered care, safety and cost—the triple aim. Nurse call systems and other healthcare technologies experiencing disruptive innovation have the ability to transform care delivery, economics and resource utilization. According to the AONE president Linda Knodel, “Our role as nurse leaders in this new era prompts us to usher in new care models, patient protocols and to utilize technology to help produce the best patient outcomes possible.”

The link between nursing presence, patient satisfaction and outcomes has been well established in nursing literature. Nursing professionals must choose a clear path to excellence and take every opportunity to adopt and engage in evidence-based practice and innovation. Upgrading or replacing an old or outdated nurse call system may be the opportunity hospitals have been searching for,” said Ms. Crow.

When evaluating emerging and advancing technologies, hospitals and healthcare systems lean on MD Buyline’s expertise to understand the clinical and financial considerations and best practices used during the purchasing process. To educate healthcare facilities on how to apply the triple aim approach to acquiring a nurse call system, MD Buyline is hosting the complimentary webinar, “Nurse Call: Clinical Innovation, Safety Features and Financial Concerns” on Tuesday, October 7, 2014, starting at 2:00 p.m. CT.

Webinar participants will learn:

  • The current state of the nurse call system market
  • How clinical innovations of nurse call systems improve patient care and workflow
  • The safety features that help reduce fall rates and monitor hygiene
  • The components and pricing for basic and advanced nurse call systems
  • How nurse calls systems can influence HCAPS scores and reimbursement
  • How the cost of enhanced reporting can be offset by quality metrics (e.g., infection rates, pressure ulcer rates and fall rates)

The webinar is presented by MD Buyline clinical analyst Brandi Crow, BSN, RN, who has over 15 years as a critical care nurse. She was previously the associate chief nursing officer at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and clinical director of inpatient cardiology at Trinity Mother Francis Hospital.

The webinar is intended for nursing leaders, members of value analysis teams, financial professionals, materials managers, supply chain directors and other healthcare professionals.

For more information, register for the webinar, download the report or contact MD Buyline.