MD Buyline Introduces Consumables Analytics Platform

DALLAS, TX — June 6, 2012 — MD Buyline is excited to announce the launch of our Consumables Analytics Platform, the new online portion of Buyline Consumables. Launched in early 2011, Buyline Consumables provides members with the custom research, clinical and financial insights, and scenario modeling to ensure implantables and other supply items are optimized in their unique delivery environment.

Designed to address the limitations of traditional online supply analytics, the new Consumables Analytics Platform complements the current research service model, providing Buyline Consumables members with self-serve tools to action the insights and implementation guidance from MD Buyline’s expert analysts.

The Consumables Analytics Platform is in beta testing with current Buyline Consumables members until July 1, when it will be available to all new members of Buyline Consumables. Contact our Consumables team at to learn more about Buyline Consumables.