MD Buyline Analyst Site Visit: GE PET/CT Discovery 690 and GE NM/CT Discovery 670

DALLAS, TX — May 1, 2012 — MD Buyline analysts, Jamie Dildy and Loretta Loncoske, completed a clinical site visits on the GE Healthcare Discovery 690 PET/CT and Discovery 670 NM/CT systems. Below is a sampling of the feedback they received.

What features does the user like best? Users responded positively, indicating they appreciated the faster reconstruction times of the images and higher weight capacity table as well as the table swivel feature, and the ability to perform exams in any position (standing, sitting, lying down), on a bed, stretcher, and wheelchair.

How well do the camera heads/collimators function for patient positioning and exams? The camera heads/collimators operate smoothly with the anti-collision software. However, it can be challenging when moving the heads, such as to the 90-degree position.

Learn more about the feedback from these questions and others by contacting Jamie at or (214) 891-6768, or Loretta at or (214) 891-6714.