Contract and Payment Considerations for Healthcare Purchased Services

MD Buyline offers a complimentary white paper to hospital CFOs and healthcare providers.

DALLAS, TX — January 14, 2014 — MD Buyline has researched and developed a white paper to address key areas healthcare CFOs and Purchasing Departments should consider when evaluating hospital purchased services. According to research, healthcare purchased services can account for up to 35% of a typical U.S. hospital’s operating expenses, totaling over $100 billion per year. MD Buyline recognizes the need for hospitals to reduce their operating expenses, especially with shrinking hospital budgets and growing economic pressures. MD Buyline crafted the complimentary Contract and Payment Considerations for Healthcare Purchased Services white paper to provide insight to Finance and Purchasing Departments, so they can tackle savings opportunities.

In this report, MD Buyline shares several questions and considerations hospitals should ask and evaluate for every service agreement and payment type. Additionally, MD Buyline provides two case studies that emphasize the importance of analyzing purchased service contracts to save a substantial amount of money.

Hospitals turn to MD Buyline’s Purchased Services Program to achieve 10% to 30% savings on average across more than 200 categories of purchased services and over 16,000 vendors nationwide. By implementing MD Buyline’s best practices, member hospitals have quickly realized a 3% sustainable improvement in their operating margins.

About MD Buyline

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