Are you utilizing MD Buyline’s Side-By-Side Comparisons?

Side-by-side comparisons are part of your Capital and Consumables Spend Management memberships

DALLAS, TX — March 7, 2013 — MD Buyline has always offered side-by-side comparisons as a part of your Capital and Consumables Spend Management memberships, but it is often forgotten or underused. One specific example comes from McLaren Health Care, a large system in the Great Lakes region that was having trouble convincing a newly acquired facility to switch its MRI technology.

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“When you have the side-by-side there, it’s difficult to argue against.” – Gregg Richardson, Senior Corporate Project Coordinator, McLaren Health Care

MD Buyline’s Side-by-Side Comparisons provide you with a custom side-by-side, feature-to-feature comparison of price, components, configurations, special options, exclusions and more for multiple vendors and systems. It also includes an executive summary with recommendations from our team of analysts. If you’d like to receive a custom side-by-side to assist in your decision making process, please contact Member Services.